Who are we?

We are Dr. Francisco Miravé and Dra. M° Teresa Miravé, 3rd generation of Miravé dentists who, together with a large and loyal team of professionals with different dental specializations, have created MiravéCo: the clinic we dreamed of as children.
This family vocation began in Industria street n°7 more than 70 years ago and continues today in Muntaner street n°239, where the equipment and the equipment that makes your visits to the dentist pleasant, comfortable and efficient are waiting for you.
We are MiravéCo and we are honored to be dedicated to our true passion: your oral health.


A perfect smile

  • Evaluates the most effective orthodontic treatment for you
    (brackets or removable orthodontics with clear aligners)
  • 2 hygienic included
  • Professional whitening treatment at the end free of charge
  • Nighttime retainers and follow-up visits during the first year are included.

Coming by car will cost you less

-25% discount

At Parking DAVID, Aribau 230.
Ask for your discount at reception.

Visit our facilities

How do we like to work?

1. Contact

On your first visit Dr. will review your medical history and perform a complete examination.

2. Analysis of the evidence

The Dr. will evaluate the X-rays and diagnostic tests performed to offer you the best option.

3. Team of specialists

If your case is complex, our specialists will meet to study your case and find the perfect treatment for you.

4. Explanation of the diagnosis

We will meet with you one day to explain the different options that our team has decided for your case.

5. Treatment proposal

A member of the team will explain the treatment plan chosen by you and answer all your questions.


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