Why choose us?

Dr. Francisco Miravé and Dr. Mª Teresa Miravé, 3rd generation dentists. We started our adventure in Gracia over 70 years ago, we grew up at nº 239, Muntaner Street and now at Miravé CO we have decided to merge into our new facilities at Muntaner St. to keep on growing together, dedicated to our only reason of being: your health.

About our workflow

1st contact taking

On your first visit, Dr. will review your medical history and complete a full scan.

2. Analysis of the tests

The Dr will evaluate the X-rays and diagnostic tests results to offer you the best option.

3. Team of specialists.

If your case is complex, our specialists will meet to study your case and find the perfect treatment for you.

4. Explanation of the diagnosis

We’ll meet with you to tell you the different options that our team has decided for your case.

5. Proposta de tractament

A person from the team will explain the treatment plan you have chosen and resolve all your doubts.