Dental Anxiety Management Service

Treatment of Dental Anxiety

In this specialized service, the goal is to help patients control their dental anxiety so that they can continue the treatment they require without having to resort to sedation or general anesthesia.

We use cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) that include practices to prove the validity of beliefs and / or fears of people on dental issues, systematic desensitization with situations and objects that generate anxiety, and practices in progressive relaxation. All this in an environment that is identical to who will be in a treatment situation, but without any type of dental intervention, so that the skills learned can be practiced.

The treatment of dental anxiety offers several advantages:

  • The patient learns abilities that can help him not only to treat his or her dental anxiety but also in other situations that generate an anxiety/fear response, as well as coping strategies that can be applied in other aspects of life.
  • It is more likely that a patient regularly attends dental examination and that they follow prevention/care guidelines, which results in a lower probability of subsequent treatment.
  • Unexpected risks or reactions associated with sedation are avoided.
  • It is a treatment with a significantly lower cost compared to sedation or anesthesia.
  • The treatment can be completed in a relatively short time and the effects are long lasting.