Dental esthetics is the branch of dentistry that seeks to harmonize smiles. In addition to enjoying a healthy mouth, your smile can be beautiful, balanced and attractive.

There is no such thing as a perfect smile. What does exist and what we can achieve, is your best smile, the one that is most harmonious with the rest of your face, the one you love to show and is yours alone.

At MiravéCo we are committed to the latest technology, techniques and materials to design the smile you deserve.

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening is a technique that allows us to lighten the tone of your teeth when they look dark or yellow due to external stains, any dietary habit or because of having undergone medical treatment.

Depending on the cause, there is one solution or another. For this reason it is very important to have an appointment with our hygienist specialist who will make an evaluation and inform you of the whitening techniques that best suit your case and ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

In our practice we use these two techniques:

In-clinic bleaching

This technique is performed in the office and is supervised at all times by qualified personnel, who inform you of all the steps you are taking. The treatment lasts approximately two hours. In this technique it is important to administer a protective gel on the gums before applying the whitening product, which is left to act for twenty minutes with lamp reinforcement (for greater absorption and better results). After these minutes we remove the product with the vacuum cleaner.

This process is repeated two more times in the clinic and then an assessment is made as to whether reinforcement at home is necessary.

Thanks to a photograph taken before and after the treatment, you will be able to clearly assess the results obtained and its effectiveness.

An important factor to take into account when following this treatment is that, for a few days after the visit, you will have to maintain a white diet prescribed by the professional who will take you and avoid coffee, tobacco or red wine.

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Whitening at home

We took some models of his mouth to make some personalized buckets. We will give them to you together with the whitening gel and teach you how to apply them. You will have to wear them two hours a day for fifteen days in a row. In this type of whitening, your consistency is very important.

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We are accustomed to treat dental trauma immediately, so that the esthetics and function of the damaged tooth is recovered in the shortest possible time.

You will never leave our clinic without a cosmetic solution, even if the case requires time to heal. There are really effective temporary solutions for those cases in which more time is needed to heal the wound or blow.

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If you have an accident and fracture one or more teeth, come quickly. After assessing the extent and treating the most significant damage, we will assess whether the fracture is repairable by reconstruction. If there is pulp involvement, endodontics and a reconstruction and sheath should be performed. And if the fracture is more important, our objective is to be able to extract the remaining root or piece and place an immediate implant in order to have teeth at the same time.

In the case of complete expulsion of the tooth, we recommend keeping it unwashed in a fluid such as saliva and to go as soon as possible to try to reimplant it.


Composite veneers allow for dramatic improvements in dental esthetics with minimal intervention:

In a single session you can get back the naturalness of your teeth, get a white and bright smile,restore youth and natural look of your smile without damaging at all the intervened teeth.

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