It is the specialty in which the human being as a whole is taken into account. Your mouth tells a lot about your overall health. It is a gateway to salutogenesis.

With the holistic approach to dentistry, pathologies of the mouth (from cavities, diffuse pain, sensitivities or muscular discomfort) are treated from a global point of view, not only focusing on the specific solution of the problem but also looking for its origin.

There are many systemic problems that originate in the oral cavity and dental problems that originate in other areas of the body and/or mind.

By observing the tooth-organ-emotion relationship, our specialist broadens the vision of the ailments and delves into the origin of the problem in order to treat it.

The different subspecialties that together make up holistic dentistry are the following:

Neurofocal dentistry

It takes into account the relationship of the teeth with the entire nervous system, the different organs, vertebrae, glands, etc… It is an integrative vision.

Neural therapy

We work on the vegetative nervous system that regulates the functions of organs and tissues by integrating them into the whole.

For more information on this procedure you can visit www.terapianeural.com

Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the science that studies the movement of the human body and uses muscle testing as a mechanism of bio-communication with the body.

Applied to dentistry, it allows to diagnose imbalances in the organism and establish the best possible treatment.


Literally means wisdom of the teeth. Dentosophy is a method with a humanistic vision of the practice of dentistry, based on functional techniques and highlighting the relationship between the oral balance, the balance of man and his environment.

It is guided self-therapy.

Its main objective is to recover the biorhythms of the main functions of the mouth (chewing, swallowing, nasal breathing, speech…) using a multifunctional balancer and exercises oriented to the recovery of these functions.

Homeopathy Spagyrica or MTO (Traditional Western Medicine)

The basis of this system is based on the traditional sources of Western medicine and especially on the spagyria of Paracelsus and his school.

Regardless of the origin of the disease, the patient, in order to fight it, needs the stimulation of those internal mechanisms involved in the defensive response; and this is what homeospagyria activates, it nourishes through alchemized homeopathic medicines the organs, systems or emotions in question.

Bach Flowers

It is a natural treatment method composed of 38 flower essences created by Dr. Edward Bach. It is an energetic-vibrational treatment that helps to maintain health. It seeks physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
Applied to dentistry, flower essences are used according to the analogy that the disease presents with the signature of the flower.

For more information www.sedibac.org

Metal-free dentistry

Metals in the mouth cause a potential differential that can translate into small electrical currents that increase the stress of the organism. As with everything else, it is the personal biological tolerance threshold that dictates the extent to which something like metals can affect health.

To prevent all this, we use materials where metals do not exist, such as ceramics, zirconium or polyceramics.

Art therapy applied to oral health

It is an impression therapy.
Impressions are provided that encourage the development of new faculties or the unveiling of capabilities that we carry within us.

Through the color of the drawing of shapes, we access an emotional level that accompanies the dental treatment.

Amalgam removal

Dental amalgams have been for many years the only material used for filling or reconstruction of caries, and although today they are practically in disuse (there are countries where they are already banned, such as Sweden, Norway or Denmark) there are many people who continue to wear them.

To remove an amalgam, certain safety protocols must be followed to ensure minimal metal absorption by the patient and the dentist.

RNO (neuro-occlusal rehabilitation)

The stomatognathic system receives a series of stimuli that come from chewing, swallowing and breathing that promote a good or bad development of the system.

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