Holistic Dentistry

The different subspecialties that together make up the holistic dentistry are:

Neurofocal Dentistry

It takes into account the relationship of the teeth to the entire nervous system , the various organs, vertebrae , glands, etc. It is an inclusive vision.


Neural Therapy:

It works on the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the functions of organs and tissues, integrating them in that set.

Any irritation on in SNV such as scar, infection, surgery, teeth or stress can disrupt the system and cause symptoms and different signs, and in different parts of the body.

Neural therapy neutralizes these irritations increasing the body’s own response by infiltration of a small amount of local anesthetic (procaine) in these foci.

For more information on this procedure we invite you to visit the site www.terapianeural.com


Applied Kinesiology:

Kinesiology is the science of human movement and uses muscle tests as a bio-communication mechanism with the body.

Applied to dentistry to diagnose imbalances in the body and determine the best possible treatment.

Muscle testing is a manual technique of resistance-counter resistance, a quality test for muscle tone. A binary code of “strong muscle/weak muscle” is established.

Meersman test is used to assess whether we are in situations where the mouth is structurally an interference field in the patient’s postural problems.


Spagyric Homeopathy or TWM (Traditional Western Medicine ):

This system is based on traditional sources of Western medicine and very especially in Paracelsus’ spagyria and his school.

  • Homeo = Similar
  • Therapeia = treatment
  • Spagyria = Alchemy
  • Spân / spao = Extract
  • Ageiren = Collect

For each patient there is a distinct possibility of treatment as to how to react to different pathogenic situations. This reaction can occur in different organizational locations or even more general levels of response.

Whatever the origin of the disease, the individual, to fight, needs the stimulation of those internal mechanisms involved in the defense response, and this is what homeospagyria activates, nourishes organs, systems or emotions involved through homeopathic alquimized medicines.


Bach Flower Remedies:

It is a natural treatment method consisting of 38 flower essences created by Dr. Edward Bach. It is an energetic -vibrational treatment that helps maintain health, seeking both physical and emotional/spiritual balance.

Applied to dentistry flower essences are used according to the analogy that the disease presents with the flower signature.

For instance , in cases of gingivitis with bleeding just touching the gum, we would suggest IMPATIENS, WALNUT and CRAB APPLE essences, or HOLLY for rabid pain treatment. And in each case and situation a different sort criteria essences is set.

More information: www.sedibac.org



 Metal-free dentistry:


Metals in the mouth create a voltage difference that can be translated into small electrical currents that increase body stress. Like everything else, it’s the personal biological tolerance threshold that dictates how far something like metals can affect health.

To avoid this, we use metal-free materials such as ceramics, zirconium or polyceramics ,

Conventional dentistry have always used a variety of metals such as chromium, cobalt, mercury , nickel, tin , palladium , silver, titanium , etc …

Main thing here is not to create electrical currents, therefore we’ll try to minimize the number of different metals in the mouth until complete removal or, at least, leaving just one type.


Amalgam removal.

Dental amalgams have been for many years the only material used for caries’ sealing or reconstruction and, although today are virtually obsolete (there are already banned in countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark), many people are still wearing them.

They are formed from different metal alloys where mercury is present in approximately 50%, in addition of tin, silver, copper or zinc.

When a person suffers unclear pathologies that do not improve with no treatment, autoimmune diseases or local/systemic allergies should consider that mercury from amalgams may be a cause or may worsen symptoms.

Amalgam removal must follow certain safety protocols to ensure low metal uptake by the patient and the dentist:

  1. Excretory organs must be working perfectly to help the process of elimination. Thus, previous drainage with homoeopathic medication is used, prior to each particular case.
  2. Isolate the tooth to be treated with a rubber dam
  3. Double suction above and below the dam.
  4. Using masks with filters for both the dentist and the nurse.
  5. Oxygen unit for the patient.
  6. Be as quick and effective as possible.

To avoid any incident, not more than one amalgam per month can be removed.

In most cases a temporary filling using oils for at least one month is indicated in order to remove the accumulated metal in the tooth. This is so because we can remove the seal, but not the metal absorbed by the tooth through the years without this intermediate step.


NOR (neuro-occlusal rehabilitation):

The stomatognathic system receives a series of stimuli that come from chewing, swallowing and breathing that promote a good or bad system development.

The RNO, created by Dr. Pedro Planas, is based on discovering where, when and how you have to act on the stimuli’s neural spots receptors to provide proper development response, and exciting them physiologically, so they can provide a normal and balanced development response.

It is based upon laws and techniques such as:

Balanced and carved selective occlusal

Plates with indirect clues

Direct clues

The functional angle


AFR (Aragao function regulator):

The head is a region where a number of independent functions are performed: breathing , smell, taste , chewing, vision, hearing , balance and neural integration.

The Aragao function regulator is a device that helps restore the functions of breathing, swallowing and lip seal, to recover the lost balance.

It is a postural positioning, a specific regulator of breath to restore nasal breathing so basic to our health and wellbeing.

A person who breathes through the mouth has a bad air filter, so he/she is more likely to suffer from tonsillitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis or otitis. Humidification is not correct, causing very cold/hot air inputs in winter/summer. No lip seal means perioral musculature hypotonicity. It also leads to unilateral chewing (either one side or the other is used, but not both), creating a habit that will cause mandibular asymmetry with consequences in shoulder girdle muscles, hip and feet.

AFR is an attempt to integrate functions again new functions to get ourselves in a state of comfort.