Conservative diagnostics and minimally invasive techniques extend the life of teeth and oral health. It is the approach to offer you preventive and restorative care for your oral health.

It is the area that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

On your first visit to the clinic you will be seen by a general dentist and, after the examination and diagnosis, you will be given the maintenance or treatment plan you need to maintain or restore your oral health with minimal intervention.

Conservative or restorative dentistry restores the structure of natural teeth that have suffered caries, wear due to crowding, trauma or fissures. If the condition reaches the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth, endodontics must be performed prior to conservative treatment.

The main problem that is solved in this area is caries, whose solution consists of treating the affected tissue and restoring it with composites, ceramics or zirconium.

At MiravéCo, in addition to having the best hands, we are committed to the latest technology, techniques and materials in dental restorations.

Specialties of conservative dentistry

Dental hygiene

It is the most efficient way to maintain oral health. Even if you have a good brushing technique, it is advisable to perform at least an annual dental hygiene in order to remove tartar and surface stains.

The hygienist checks your mouth and removes tartar build-up and stains. Check your teeth thoroughly and, if necessary, recommend a visit to the dentist, in case you find any cavities, or to the periodontist if he sees any irregularities in your gums. Thus, any oral problem is detected and treated in time, avoiding discomfort and unnecessary expenses.


This is what is commonly known as nerve killing.
This specialty deals with the treatment of the dental nerve by removing the pulp, disinfecting and sealing the dental canal when there is an infection.


The periodontist studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect the tissues that support the teeth (gums, periodontal ligament, root cementum and alveolar bone).
Optimal periodontal health is essential to ensure the maintenance of the function and esthetics of your teeth.


Dentures rehabilitate or maintain oral function, comfort, esthetics and dental health by restoring lost or severely damaged teeth.

There are many types of prostheses and materials and one or the other is used depending on each particular case. It is this study that ensures the success of the treatment. In our clinic we choose the best option from among these: zirconium, ceramic, composite, acrylic or metal ceramic caps or bridges. Fixed or removable prosthesis.

We apply the prosthesis in different techniques


Se aplica el mismo procedimiento y material que para las obturaciones, con la diferencia que el volumen a restaurar es mayor. In the indicated cases we introduce a small fiberglass pole inside to achieve greater stability.


In a first session we prepare the tooth generating the space for the restoration. We then took digital records to design and create a custom ceramic block that we will place in a second session.

Covers or crowns

We apply the same procedure and material as for inlays, with the difference that the caps cover the entire tooth.

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Advantages of Conservative Dentistry

First class materials

We work with state-of-the-art restorative materials: the most esthetic and resistant materials that allow us to recover the original functionality, anatomy and brightness of the tooth.

CEREC Technology

Our CEREC technology allows us to take digital records in 3D, creating more precise, durable restorations and avoiding the uncomfortable impression pastes of the traditional process.

We respect the natural tooth

Our specialists in conservative dentistry use minimally invasive techniques in dental preparation, respecting the original structure of the tooth as much as possible.

Conservative diagnoses

The objective is always to extend the life of the teeth and to intervene with biocompatible materials:

We propose inlays instead of caps whenever the case allows it, in order to minimize the intervention on the natural tooth.

We perform large reconstructions when the caries is very close to the pulp, protecting it and preserving the nerve and dental vitality.

In case of nerve involvement, we perform endodontics with microscopic technology and the most biocompatible and regenerative materials available today, avoiding tooth extraction.

White smile

We remove metal dental fillings, restoring white aesthetics to your smile and avoiding possible problems of sensitivity, caries and food accumulation.

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Our specialists in Conservative Dentistry in Barcelona

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