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That this is the most awaited summer vacation in history, after the year we’ve had, is surely not an exaggeration. And that we need a break from everything: from routines, from video calls, from the city, from responsibilities, from news about threatening pandemics… it’s clear.

Breaking away from everything for a few days seems like an attractive plan, however, altering routines, the good ones, the ones that have led us to good habits, can have repercussions on the care of our mouth.

Here are seven tips to take care of your dental health even in summer, even if you continue with your plans to disconnect:

1- Use your hands, not your mouth

Opening bags, bottles or wrappers with your teeth is very tempting, but it can take its toll. Too many people come to our clinic with chipped teeth after using their mouth as an opener. We suggest you use your teeth only for what they were designed for: chewing food and showing off your smile.

2- Protect your lips from UV rays

When you see that you are going to expose yourself to the sun and protect your skin with a sunscreen, don’t forget your lips! They are a very sensitive part of the face and yet we protect them too little. Use at least one lip balm with SPF 15 to keep your lips healthy instead of chapped.

3- Go easy on the sweets

Yes, we know that summer vacations are a time for relaxation, enjoyment and rewarding yourself.
But let’s make an effort not to normalize overindulging in candy, baked goods and other sweets. It is very easy to relax with a bag of sweets or a bar of chocolate and empty them before we know it.

Taking too much sugar is one of the fastest ways to get cavities. After bingeing on sweets, be sure to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth with water.

It’s all about enjoying yourself, indulging, but maintaining a healthy balance. Let the excesses be of joy, rest and good company, are you in?

4- Don’t forget to hydrate yourself

Drinking water has many health benefits, from preventing headaches, the feeling of poor circulation to helping you control cravings for sugary foods. Water will help to greatly neutralize the acids produced by sugar intake.

5- Attention in the pool

Going swimming during the summer is a great idea and, in addition to keeping you fit, will give you a break from the heat. But beware of pools with lots of chlorine, as the chemicals can weaken your teeth. We advise you to brush your teeth after a dip in the pool to protect them.

6- Don’t leave your oral hygiene routine take a vacation.

During the summer, it is logical that you spend all day outside, that you take advantage of the weather, the daylight hours and the joy of experiencing and visiting new things. It’s normal that, in the face of so much planning, your routine falls by the wayside a bit. That’s okay. Summer is a time for fun and enjoyment.

That said, and being able to incorporate a mini kit with toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in your carry-on bag, we know you can have a great vacation without compromising your oral hygiene routine. So, whatever you do, you can brush your teeth 2 or 3 times a day and floss your teeth so your health and well-being don’t take a vacation.

7- Chew slowly.

As a matter of routine, we tend to eat quickly and without paying too much attention to chewing. This vacation season, stop and think about all the benefits that chewing each bite around 30 times, calmly, can give you. The food is impregnated with saliva, preventing it from sticking to the teeth to a large extent and causing dental problems such as tooth decay. In addition, nutrients are better absorbed during digestion avoiding heartburn and reflux.

We hope you enjoy your summer vacation and return home with the same healthy smile you left with.

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