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At Miravé CO we are applying a new protocol that further improves the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of our areas so that we can minimize the presence of any virus or bacteria as much as possible.

During the first weeks of confinement we have been carrying out a daily dental emergency service, but we have also been studying, informing ourselves and holding meetings with the highest medical authorities on the measures for protection, disinfection and action in the event of COVID 19.

After many hours of work, we were able to create an action protocol adapted to our center and make technical and structural improvements.

The disinfection of the circulating air by means of the PURION system of ultraviolet light in all our ventilation system to guarantee the cleaning of the air space and the elimination of suspended particles is one of the main improvements.

At the entrance you will find an adhesive carpet and the reception staff, behind their screen, wearing masks and gloves, will tell you to put on some shoe covers, put some hydroalcoholic gel on your hands, give you gloves and take your temperature. If you do not come with a mask, one will be provided. Previously at the time of scheduling the appointment you will have been recommended to come alone (if possible), with a mask, be punctual (not before or after the time) and informed that if you have been in contact with COVID or have presented any of its symptoms the visit cannot be made and must be postponed for a period of 15 days.

You will no longer find magazines in the waiting room and you must be seated at a safe distance and wear a mask at all times. Visits are scheduled so that there are as few people in the room as possible. In addition, the scheduling of appointments has also changed due to the need for more time at the time of sterilization and safety distances within the box so that the visits of “they are only 5 minutes” no longer exist and emergencies must have their scheduled time.

They will call you by name and we will accompany you to the box. If you think you are going in disguise with scrubs and mask, think that we carry everything double: caps, gloves, masks (ffp2 and surgical), glasses and screen, pajamas, gown, apron and plastic sleeves. In the box every surface or instrument that we are going to touch is protected by a plastic barrier that is placed on each patient after its sterilization and all the material that we are going to put in contact with the mouth has gone through different phases of disinfection and sterilization with the use of virucides, UV, asistine and/or autoclave.

After the explanations with the dentist before starting the treatment and after removing the mask we will rinse you with 1% hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds to remove the possible viral load in the mouth and you will see that currently we use 2 vacuums instead of 1 and now we are all ready to perform the dental treatment with maximum safety.

Once the treatment is finished you can put the mask back on and you will be accompanied to reception to give you an appointment for the next appointment and we will be grateful if you can pay by credit card. Before leaving, remember to take off your shoe covers and gloves unless you like to wear them.

At this moment, when the patient leaves the box, is when we have the most work to do, to dispose of all the disposable material that has been used in specific containers for toxic waste so that it can be treated and disposed of.

Cleaning of all surfaces, whether they have been in contact with the patient or not, with 1% hypochlorite solution, including the floor. If aerosol sprays have been performed, we pass hypochlorous vapor or nebulization with virucidal spray (Airborne disinfection NDP).

Take all the material to the sterilization room to be able to treat each element in the corresponding way.

When we have finished we reassemble the box again and dress up for the next patient.

Other actions that are carried out are the confirmation by sms with a reminder of the guidelines to be followed by the patient, the disinfection of reception and common areas several times a day, informative posters in the waiting room, bathrooms and reception, sterilization or disinfection of all couriers arriving at the center.

Also, in order to maintain safe distances, both between staff and patients, we have adapted the use of our facilities so that we have the maximum free space and facilitate movement. This, broadly speaking, is how we work and live now in our center in Miravé Co. These measures that we are applying are, in base, the ones proposed by the different administrations and official organisms, but we are open to any suggestion that you can give us, since we are in a new scenario in which any help is appreciated and we will be grateful for it.

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