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Pursuing a healthy, white and bright smile is a very common desire, and achieving it boosts self-confidence.
It is logical that, after whitening your teeth at the dentist, you want to extend the results as long as possible.

These are the 5 tips we have from the Miravéco clinic.

1. Avoid foods and beverages that stain teeth.

Much of the tooth staining that occurs is caused by the foods we eat and the beverages we consume. Many of these foods have natural pigments that darken teeth. Among the big culprits of tooth stains are red wine, coffee, herbal teas and berries. Spices such as turmeric and curry can also stain teeth.

Foods such as citrus fruits and juices, as well as soft drinks, have a high acid content. It should be noted that their continued consumption can lead to abrasion of tooth enamel. As a result, stains can more easily penetrate your teeth. However, you don’t have to refrain from consuming citrus fruits and juices. Just be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards.

2. Do not use tobacco products

We know that tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco, cause yellow and brown stains on teeth. But we may not know that vape liquids containing dyes can also stain teeth. Of course, it is a good idea to avoid tobacco products, as they are harmful to your health.

3. Rinse after eating and drinking

Consider carrying a bottle of water with you so that you can rinse quickly to remove the pigments that stain your mouth. For example, after drinking a tea or coffee.

4. Practice good oral hygiene

In addition to rinsing your mouth after meals, brushing your teeth with a soft brush and whitening toothpaste helps keep them white and healthy. Flossing properly, curling the floss against the tooth surface to remove plaque before brushing, is also ideal. Some people like to finish by using a whitening rinse. If this is your case, opt for one without alcohol so as not to irritate the mucous membranes.

5. Keep cleaning appointments

Just as professional cleanings are essential before whitening, they are also essential after the treatment to maintain the results. Before whitening, we recommend a check-up, cleaning and polishing. Hygiene will leave your teeth free of tartar and the final polishing will give them shine, preparing them well for whitening in the clinic.

By following these tips, your smile will stay radiant.

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