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Taking care of your teeth can be something you do with pleasure. In fact, did you know that you can take care of them while you eat? Some foods help maintain oral health.

The best foods for your teeth

These are the top 6 healthy foods that help your teeth stay strong and help your mouth eliminate bacteria and acid that can damage them.

  1. Dairy: yogurt and cheeses
  2. Leafy greens and vegetables.
  3. Fruit (apple helps self-cleaning, removes dental plaque).
  4. Black and green tea.
  5. Nuts and dried fruits.
  6. Water: neutralizes acids and maintains pH.

You may not be able to eat some of these foods due to allergies or sensitivities, do not worry, you do not have to introduce all of them to the diet to ensure good oral health, but it is interesting to have as many of them as possible when preparing our menus.

Why dairy products are good for your teeth

Dairy products, such as cheese, unsweetened yogurt and milk, promote saliva production and protect teeth. In addition, cheese and yogurt are high in calcium, which helps strengthen teeth.
Cheese is good after meals because it aids in oral self-cleaning. It contains lactic acid that prevents cavities and eliminates bacteria.
Foods with vitamin D are important for the correct absorption of calcium. Some foods have it added and if not, it is advisable to supplement with vitamin D. Some fish contain it as a natural source.

Suppose you are sensitive or allergic to dairy products. In that case, a good option for you is nut milk enriched with calcium and protein, such as almond, soy or cashew milk.

Why green leafy vegetables are a jewel for your teeth

Vegetables should be the star in your diet because they have many health benefits. They provide vitamins and minerals and, when chewed, help produce saliva to clean the mouth and neutralize acid.

In addition, green leafy vegetables are high in fiber, folic acid and vitamins of group E, which are great allies of health. And they are very versatile, because you can easily add these leafy greens to a salad or smoothie and enrich them in every way.

Tea, nuts.

Black tea and unsweetened green tea are high in fluoride and provide ingredients that help fight plaque. Green tea helps prevent gum inflammation (catechin).
Almonds are great because they are a rich source of calcium and protein, in addition to being low in sugar. Chewing helps produce saliva.

Other foods to keep in mind to maintain healthy teeth

Fluoride plays a key role in building strong teeth and bones, helping to prevent tooth decay. Nuts are high in fluoride.

Most seafood is a good source of fluoride because the oceans are full of natural sodium fluoride. Carrots, beets, pork and cheeses contain fluoride in smaller amounts, but their contribution should not be underestimated.

You can see that taking care of our smile is something we have earned with conscious and balanced eating habits. It is in your hands to do it every day, if you want we can help you: ask us your questions and we will guide you to develop a balanced diet that favors dental care.

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