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Beyond the benefits we already know about avoiding smoking: cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, avoiding tobacco is also a way to take care of your implants and your oral health in general.
Today we share some tips to keep your implants in excellent condition, and yes, quitting smoking is one of the best gifts you can give them.

1. Healthy mouth, strong implants

Before resorting to the implant solution, it is essential to make sure your mouth is free of infections. Periodontitis can ruin implant treatment, so any gum problems should be treated beforehand.

2. History Matters

If you have a history of periodontitis, it is very important to be aware of it and discuss it with your dentist. People who have had gum problems before starting implant treatment need special care. Without treatment, complications (such as mucositis and peri-implantitis) are more likely.

3. Say goodbye to smoke!

Tobacco is no friend to anyone or anything. Neither are implants. Smokers are more likely to suffer complications and lose implants. So, if you haven’t quit yet, this may be a good reason to say goodbye to tobacco and contribute to the success of your treatment.

4. Oral hygiene, your best friend

Poor oral hygiene can ruin the correct evolution of your implants. It is very important to follow specific oral hygiene instructions to keep dental plaque at bay. Brush and use interdental hygiene techniques for optimal maintenance of your implants.

5. Prevention is the key

A preventive program is like insurance to help you avoid complications and unpleasant surprises. Scheduling regular visits to your dentist, every four to six months, to make sure everything is in order will allow us to act before the problem appears. It is clear to us, prevention of peri-implantitis is the secret to success.

6. Red alert

If you notice inflammation around your implants, do not ignore it, it is not normal, it could be a sign of mucositis. In such a case, in case of inflammation or bleeding, call your dentist or periodontist for a quick evaluation to avoid major problems.

The fact that implant dentistry is a very effective treatment with high satisfaction rates does not mean that, once the treatment is done, we can forget about it.
It is very important that you give your implants the attention they deserve, follow the specific advice of your periodontist and, if you still smoke, take the opportunity to quit and ensure a long and happy life! Your smile and your implants will thank you for it.

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