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If you need to replace some dental pieces you are probably wondering which is the best option, dental implants or a removable option.
In this post we are going to try to compare the two options: dental implants and dentures in order to help you clear your doubts.

When it comes to choosing the right solution for your specific case, your dentist will consider several factors to help you decide and advise you. Key issues such as price, preference for fixed or removable, esthetic resolution and what is best functionally. Each of these aspects has its pros and cons, it’s all about finding what best suits your case and most efficiently meets your individual needs.

Cost of caps, bridges vs. implants

Dental implants may seem more expensive than other types of prosthetic rehabilitation. It depends. You have to consider the ideal type of treatment for each individual and evaluate both treatment plans by comparing prices and choosing the best one for that patient. Not everyone is suitable for the same treatment, either by price, functional needs, among other factors.

Procedure for removable prostheses versus implants

Implants are placed to replace the root of the lost tooth and the prosthesis is fabricated on them. In a first phase the implant or “screw” is placed and between 2 and 4 months approximately the prosthesis is made and screwed to the implant.
It is a safe, fast procedure and for this it is necessary to have a sufficient quality and quantity of bone capable of accommodating the implants. For this, a previous study is made with radiographic tests that allow an adequate diagnosis.

Dentures are removable and can be placed in your mouth regardless of the amount of bone we can count on. Before creating dentures, your dentist will study your bite, the alignment of your jaws and your gums.

Maintenance of caps, bridges and removable prostheses vs. implants

All prosthetic treatments must be properly cared for. Bridges and caps should be cleaned just like any natural tooth.
The same as dental implants. Implants will not have cavities but if you do not brush properly after meals, flossing and interdental brushes can cause inflammation of the gums and eventually affect the tissues surrounding the implant, and you may lose it. It is also necessary to have annual check-ups and visit the periodontist so that she can control your gums. She will also explain to you how to brush correctly.
It is recommended to remove dentures to sleep and immerse them in water with an effervescent tablet suitable for cleaning at least twice a week. You can find them in pharmacies and parapharmacies. Brush them after every meal.

We hope we have helped you, it is key that you discuss all these aspects with the Dr. who is in charge of your case and together you choose the best option for you.

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