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If we talk about the future of dentistry we cannot deny that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to leave an indelible mark on dentistry, and we believe that this is going to happen at breakneck speed now that its entry into the clinical setting is beginning. We already know that this technological advance has managed to reduce not only the time and costs of procedures, as well as dental diagnostic and prognostic aids.

Clinical support

The ability of AI to support dental professionals is astounding, and its applications are diverse. From radiographic interpretations to orofacial pain diagnosis and facial growth analysis in orthodontics, AI can provide second opinions and reinforce consistency in clinical decision making. At MIRAVÉco we are attentive to the development of AI, its potential and how it will transform the dentistry of the future more and more present.

Uses of AI in dentistry

A clear example of its influence in dental practice is its role in caries detection. Through the analysis of intraoral images using deep learning and convolutional neural networks (CNNs), AI has demonstrated its effectiveness in this area. In addition, research on tooth loss prediction using algorithms incorporating medical and socioeconomic data shows promising performance in anticipating edentulism and tooth loss, as well as lack of functional dentition.

A starting point or tipping point?

However, despite these remarkable advances, AI has not yet reached its full potential in dental practice. Research indicates that, although it has been widely applied in academic and research settings, it has not yet reached the technological maturity and cost-effectiveness necessary to be fully integrated into daily practice. While the benefits are clear, the widespread implementation of AI in day-to-day dentistry is still developing, and the dental community and ourselves look forward to the advances that lie ahead at this exciting intersection of technology and oral health.

As we have done thus far, our intention is to continue to embrace the advances that will allow us to always improve the quality of our service and our patients’ experience when they entrust us with their oral health.

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