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We start from a lie: implants are more durable than natural teeth, last forever and do not require care. It is also not true that implants cannot be placed without bone. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about dental implant therapy.

The importance of preserving natural teeth

For the dentists and periodontists at the Miravéco Clinic, preserving natural teeth is fundamental; the objective in any case is always to try to preserve the natural teeth and carry out a treatment that allows them to remain healthy and functional for as long as possible.

Progress in periodontal treatment

Although there have been significant advances in implant therapy and prosthetic restorations, progress has also been made in periodontal treatments. With periodontal regeneration techniques and preventive protocols, the prognosis of compromised teeth can be greatly improved.

Limitations of implants

Despite advances in implant surgery, this is not the best solution for periodontal disease. Implants should be considered only when it is not possible to save the natural tooth and we will never consider removing a healthy natural tooth to avoid periodontal treatment as a more beneficial option.

Focus on tooth preservation

Our periodontal team has the most advanced techniques to be able to treat gums, maintain natural teeth and use implants only in edentulous areas. This approach avoids the extraction of natural teeth to replace them with implants when their prognosis can be improved with a treatment in which the goal is preservation and which may involve several specialists.

Choice between teeth and implants

Although implants have good scientific evidence, an implanted mouth requires a high commitment to follow-up and maintenance and even then, it may present complications and may not be the optimal option for teeth affected by periodontal destruction.

Management of complex cases

At the Miravéco Clinic we specialize in complicated cases and, even in difficult situations, the first option is always to preserve the natural tooth. For example, in a tooth with a 50% loss of periodontal support, the priority should be periodontal treatment before considering an implant. We adapt each treatment plan considering its risks and adherence to treatment by the patient, because we are clear that we do not treat mouths, we treat people.

Necessary care for implants

Implants, like teeth, require proper lifelong care. That is why we emphasize that those who have implants need regular and adequate maintenance to prevent peri-implantitis, a condition similar to periodontitis that can lead to implant loss.

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