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The trusting relationship between a dentist and his or her patient is fundamental to successful, quality care. This relationship is based on open communication, empathy and mutual respect. When trust exists, both the patient and the healthcare professional benefit in multiple ways.

Getting to relevant data

First, trust promotes effective communication. A patient who trusts their dentist will feel comfortable sharing their symptoms, concerns and medical history. This allows the dentist to obtain accurate and detailed information, which facilitates a more precise diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. Similarly, the dentist must convey information in a clear and understandable manner to establish a lasting relationship of trust.

Making better decisions together

The trusting relationship is also fundamental to shared decision-making. By having confidence in their healthcare professional, the patient will feel more confident in discussing different treatment options and making informed decisions. This promotes the patient’s active involvement in their own care, leading to more successful outcomes and greater adherence to treatment.

Trust is commitment

In addition, trust strengthens continuity of care. When a patient trusts their dentist, they are more likely to follow recommendations and seek care on a regular basis. This is especially important in the case of chronic diseases or long-term treatment, where trust in the healthcare professional is essential for successful management. At Miravé we don’t deal with problems, we focus on managing situations with the complicity and trust of our patients.

Living it better

The trusting relationship also has a positive impact on the patient’s emotional well-being. Feeling supported and understood by your dentist can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with clinic visits. The empathy and support offered by the professional can make a difference to the patient’s experience and ability to cope with difficult health-related situations.

It is important to emphasise that building a trusting relationship is not the sole responsibility of the health professional. Patients also play an active role in establishing and maintaining this relationship. By being honest, following medical recommendations and communicating openly with their dentist, patients contribute to strengthening mutual trust.

There is no doubt: when both health professionals and patients contribute to maintaining this trust, the result is more effective and satisfying medical care.

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