1. CHILDREN: Since the beginning of development can anticipate and prevent future problems, so we use:

A) 0-6 years:

  • Control of habits: breathing, mastication, swallowing, phonation. Through exercises and very simple and easily adaptable appliances.
  • Control functions: thumb sucking, pacifier sucking, sucking lip, cheeks… Through simple exercises and easy adaptation appliances.
  • NOR (Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation) act through selective cut and removable appliances, on the development of stomatological response system to excite properly and get a response adequate and balanced development.
  • ORTHOCLONIC: transparent splints expansion springs to assist arch development.

B) 6-12 years:

  • NOR
  • Removable appliances equipment to remove and put to help the occlusal balance.
  • Orthodontics: helps the development of bones and returns the correct function.

2. FROM 12 YEARS AND ADULTS (permanent dentition)

A) Orthodontic Fixed:

  • Lingual System: Technical Invisible where the brackets are inside and prevents them from being seen.
  • Damon System: A system that does not need fast extractions.
  • TIP-EDGE: fast system.
  • Brackets aesthetic system: ceramic, fiberglass …
  • Conventional straight wire technique.
  • MEAW technique: in some cases can avoid orthognathic Surgery.

B) Removable invisible orthodontic: transparent systems using “removable” splints. Invisalign system.

C) Orthognatic Orthodontics Orthodontics grooming, before and after Surgery for severe cases of bone discrepancy.