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Drs Miravé Dental Center

Drs. Miravé Dental Centers has two locations
in Barcelona, with the most advanced equipment and
qualified personnel for the perfect care of your teeth.

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Invisible Orthodontics

Specific orthodontics for each specific case

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Holístic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, a way of understanding the human being in an integrative way

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Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or not, it’s a good time for a dental check up.

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We have a wide variety of specialties to offer our patients a personalize care according to each particular case.

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Our team

We have more than 70 years dedicated to improving the oral health of our patients. Three generations of medical specialists guarantee our trajectory, always offering the highest quality care under a professional and reliable team.

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Two centers on Barcelona

We have fully equipped centers in the city of Barcelona, in places as central as Calle Muntaner and Calle Industria.
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1 December, 2015
Desde el nacimiento del bebé debemos intentar eliminar todo resto de leche que quede adherido a sus encías. ¿Cómo lo hacemos? Con una gasa húmeda…

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11 November, 2015
La caries dental es una enfermedad infecciosa que debilita los tejidos duros del diente. Determinadas bacterias que producen ácidos interaccionan con los restos de comida,…

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28 October, 2015
Si te han dicho que te tienes que hacer una endodoncia tienes que saber que no eres un caso aislado. Millones de dientes son tratados…

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